What is a ugly goat?

Updated: 8/11/2023
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it means that its Avery ugly, unatractive goat species

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no.... goats are cute :)

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Q: What is a ugly goat?
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What is a Georgia biggs?

a fat ugly hairy beastly goat called georgia biggs

Where is the goat miok storepercent and 1?

In my house on 11111111111111 lane be there or be square also goat milk makes your face ugly it sells for 111111111111111 dollars bring your poo to we eat it

Is a jersey devil an ugly bat winged goat like beast?

Sort of, it does have wings that do look similair to a bats but I would describe the body more like a horse crossing over with a goat or something

What did god amon look like?

he's so ugly his face is mealed he remind me of zouw

How did Lincoln get killed by a human?

A angry goat shot him and then jumped of a cliff and road away on a ugly horse who drove to jhapan and then got washed away by a tsunami.

Is there a difference between a goat and a billy goat?

A billy goat is a male goat. yes indeed

What is the opposite gender of she goat?

The opposite of a she-goat (nanny goat, doe) would be a he-goat (billy goat).

What is the opposite of nanny-goat?

A billy goat. A nanny goat is a "she" and the billy goat is a "he".

Does a goat have square pupils?


Opposite gender of billy goat?

A billy goat (also known as a buck) is a male goat so the opposite would be a nanny goat (also known as a doe) which is a female goat.

Is the Capital One goat the same as the aflac goat?

The capital one goat is an Alpine goat and the Aflac goat is a Nubian.

What is the Feminine gender of billy goat?

nanny goat