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Fresh grass.

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Q: What is best food for cows to produce more milk?
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Does the the cow produce milk even if you do not milk her but still feed her with food intend to produce milk?

it depends on the cows health before she ate the food

Where in the world do cows produce most milk?

Cows produce more milk in new zealand.

Do cows lay eggs or milk duds?

Cows don't lay eggs, or milk duds. Cows have calves and produce milk. Bulls produce semen to fertilize the cows.

Why do cows in Europe produce more milk than anywhere else?

they live in wide areas plenty of room and they eat the best food and all they want of it

What cows produce milk?

All cows (mature female bovines) produce milk.

What cows produce a lot of milk?

holsteins.they are black and white cows

What kind of cows do not produce milk?

All cows (those female bovines that have had at least 1 calf) produce milk, whether it's for human consumption or not. However, "dry cows" are cows that do not produce milk, whether they are bred or open and don't have a calf at side.

How do cows get milk inside them?

Cows produce milk through cells and glands located in their udder that secrete the fluid called milk.

Why do cows and goats need to be fed on grass and oilseed-cakes?

Cows and goats need to be fed on grass and oilseed cakes because grass and oilseed cakes are milk producing food so these help them to produce milk

Could cows produce chocolate milk?

Unfortunately, no. Not real cows. Fictional cows, sure.

What are cash cows in marketing?

Money producing , like cows produce milk

What kinds of cows produce good fat?

The dairy cows that produce milk with the most butterfat content are Jerseys.