What is fertilliser?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Fertilizer is something that is used to help things grow. Fertilizer is generally used to help grow food or flowers.

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Q: What is fertilliser?
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What is a fertilliser?

Ferilizer is an organic material used to enrichen the soil for plants and such to grow better and healthier.

How much money did the fertilliser industry make in the united kingdom in 2008?

320089 billion pounds

What does fertilliser do to crops?

It is intended to make crops grow bigger and better to produce more. There are also downsides, fertilizers arent good for animals and some other plants. They also aren't safe for humans to eat.

How do you get fertilliser from a taffly on viva pinata?

To make brown fertilizer you need a fir tree. When a fir cone drops (or when you see something brown on your tree tap it with your shovel) direct it to the cone. After it's done, you'll see something that looks like poop. That's your fertilizer!

Do fertilizers affect algae growth?

not really. it really just grows around it,and collecta all it can from the soil lol Algae growth can have significant impacts on aquatic plant growth. Algal blooms consume all nutrients and oxygen from a certain aquatic ecosystem and may even release toxins. Aquatic plants will not be able to outcompete or survive because of this.