What is nigerino bloodline known for?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Ask sam cates of he was the owner of nigerino

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Q: What is nigerino bloodline known for?
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What is the King Cobra Fisher bloodline?

The king cobra bloodline is not a pitbull bloodline. It is a bully bloodline. This bloodlines comes in various colors and are known for the wide muscles.

What is a Nigerino pit bull?

The Nigerino pitbull is recognized all over the world for their solid pit bull traits and characteristics.

Is a bloodline called Mayfield a good pit bull bloodline?

Yes, it is a well known bloodline created by Don Mayfield. The Mayfield bloodline was the origin for the Razor's Edge pit bull bloodline.

What is nigerino?

A Nigerino is a black person who just moved to America from a native country and finds him or her self in a hasrd situation where they are poor and can not aford nice and exspencitive iteams for them or their family or all of them.

Is jeep pit bull bloodline a good bloodline?

That is a good game bloodline.

King arthur's children?

None are known to have survived to pass on the bloodline. How many depends on which legend.

What is the chaos bloodline?

Its a pittbull bloodline

Is there a blue dro bloodline?

I believe the Dro bloodline comes from chicago. I don't know if the bloodline came from perfomance bloodline of it is a bully.

What is the grapevine bloodline of pitbulls?

That is a Am Bully bloodline.

How Could You Start Your Bloodline?

To start your bloodline, you would have to produce offspring. Having children will start your own bloodline.

How do you find out what your dogs bloodline is?

You have to look at bloodline paperwork or the person selling the puppy telling you what he knows about the bloodline.

Is camelot a good pittbull bloodline?

It is a good bullie bloodline.