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Normal tropical fish tank temperature; 77F-82F

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Q: What is normal water temperature for red belly pacu fish?
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What is the hottest temperature of water fish can live in?

A safe temperature for tropical fresh water fish is 20-35 degrees

Can fish die from cold water?

Yes. Depending on the fish, but all fish can freeze if the temperature of the water reaches a certain temperature.

How do freshwater fish get water?

through their normal water where they live

What Chesapeake Watershed fish can survive the coldest water temperature?

Your Moms fish

Why does a fish's body temperature change?

As the water temperature decreases the fish's breathing rate decreases as well. If you increase the temperature the fish's breathing rate will increase back to it's normal breathing rate.

How are fish affected by changes in water temperature?

they get cold

Can a clown fish go in water temperature of 24c?


What temperature does fresh water fish?

78 degrees

What is the body temperature of a fish swimming in 60 degrees of water?

The body temperature of a fish swimming around in water that is 60 degrees would be 60 degrees also. This is because fish, unlike mammals, are coldblooded; they do not waste energy keeping their body temperature constant. Their body temperature would match that of the water around them.

How do salt water fish breathe in salt water?

Because they are magic and just have skills they breate exactly the same as fresh water fish it is just that some pressure thing is diff

If a fish was swimming in water at 23'C then what would be the body temperature of the fish?


Why do fish died in warm water?

Fish can tolerate very little temperature variations.