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It is called a dewlap. They use it to attract the opposite sex and intimadate other males as well as some predators.

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The flap of skin beneath a lizard's neck is called a dewlap.

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Q: What is the Red flap under a lizards neck?
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Does red under a lizards neck mean there poisonous?


What is the thing on a rooster's neck fetters called?

You are referring to the Wattle...It is a red flap of "skin" that hangs down under the beak.

What is a anole's neck called?

The red flap on males is a "dewlap."

What is the name of the roosters neck?

If you are talking about the red thing hanging down from it's neck. That is called the flap of loose skin.

How do you know if your anole is a male?

if you can hold on to him (or it) , grab at the flap of skin under his chin...more like his neck...if you can pull the skin away and it makes a redish, orangish, pinkish circle then it is a boy!

What is the wobbley red thing under a turkey's neck?

a wattle

Are there red and purple lizards?

yes of course there are red and purple lizards. lizards can even be neon yellow.

How do you brown anole lizards raise there young?

Confirm if it is a male or a female,the male has a dewlap,a red under his neck. He is also bigger. Leave them in the cage together. In a week check for eggs. They mate and break up in a few minutes. The male will bob his head and show his dewlap. He will bite the females neck and climb on top of her. Good luck!

What is red wood?

Red wood is an expensive wood that is not red. It usually has a bit of yellow under the trunk and is very vibrant in colour. mostly lizards and frogs hide inside the hollow trunk.

What is the wobbly red thing under a turkey's neck?

It is called a wattle, and is only present on male turkeys.

Can you hold your red clawed crab?

You hold a crayfish under the neck so it's claws are out of reach from your hands. Be careful because sometimes the wriggle and flap so put them back into the water.

My anole lizard always puffs out his neck. Is that normal?

Yes, that is very normal. That is way to know if an anole is a male, if it shows a red neck flap. It uses that to attract females. He must have saw him self in a mirror and thought he was another female lizard. He also does that to give you a sign he is going to poop.