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Survival and reproduction is the perpetuation of the species.

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Q: What is the definition survival and reproduction?
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How does reproduction ensure the survival of species?

Without reproduction there will be no future for the species.

The function that is not needed for survival of the organism but is essential for the survival of the species is?


Are the sperm whales adaptations for food survival or reproducing?

its both survival and reproduction

Which life processes is not necessary for survival?


What are some instincts of human?

Survival Reproduction

Is reproduction important to the survival of an individual?

No, reproduction is only important to the survival of the population/species after the individual has died. Reproduction in many cases has a high penalty on the survival of the individual that does reproduce, due to the extra efforts and risks that must be made to feed and care for the offspring.

How do camouflage and protective coloration adaptations affect an organisms survival and reproduction?

Camouflage and protective coloring adaptations improve an organism's chances of survival and reproduction.

How is reproduction different from other life function?

Reproduction is different from other life functions in that it is not necessary for the survival of a single person but is necessary for the survival of a species. Reproduction also generally involves two people or organisms.

Why is reproduction necessary for the survival of a species but not necessary for the survival of an individual organism?

because the gravity of the earth is forcing you to love me than your parents.

Sexual reproduction provides for what to occur?

# Survival of the species.

What is the main function of a seed?

for survival and reproduction of plants.

What Charles Darwin term this differential rate of reproduction?

He called the differential rate of reproduction 'Survival of the Fittest.'