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A dog kennel is a place where you can take your dog when you go on vacation or something. A dog shelter is where they house homeless dogs or dogs that were taken from their owners.

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=Shelters rescue==+==Pounds capture=

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Q: What is the difference between a dog pound and dog shelter?
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Where can you find a dog?

in a dog pound or in a community shelter

Is the dog pound an animal shelter?


Where can you go to turn in an abused dog which is not yours?

the pound or animal shelter

What is the name Home For A Dog?

the dog would live in a kennel. That is his shelter, If you would want to adopt a dog you would go to the pound

What do the police do with your dog when they arrest you on the street in Culver City?

take it to the pound or animal shelter

Where can huskies be bought?

In a local pet store such as petsmart. In a pound. A kennel. A dog shelter

Where do lost home animals be or stray animals?

They go to the pound or the cat/dog shelter or the RSPCA.

Is there a way to find out if a certain dog was adopted from the dog pound?

Your best bet would be to contact the animal shelter, and see if they have records on the dog. Some animal shelters Microchip their animals, which would be another way of identifying the dog, and the shelter it came from.

6 week old abandoned puppy what to do?

take care of it or bring it to a dog pound or animal shelter.

How many days do they get to live in dog pound?

Dogs stay in the pound according to the company, they can stay for 2 weeks, 2 months, but it is super rare for them to like there for a year. If you see a harmless dog, you can take him/her from the pound and into a no-kill shelter. In conclusion the answer is: It depends on the pound.

Is a pound or shelter the best to get a dog?

I would say yes. Millions of dogs are killed in shelters or pounds every year. Getting a dog from a shelter/pound saves a life. Many shelter dogs are healthy and friendly, and are just down on their luck. You can absolutely get a perfect pet from a shelter. Even if you are looking for a specific breed of dog, there are many rescue groups throughout the country that are breed-specific. And breed-specific rescue groups often have dogs that are pure breds.

What is the difference between a rabbit and a dog in height?

what is the difference between a rabbit and dog in height