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Renegeration is the growing back of a lost part of the body of an organism. It is usually used as a method of defence. Fragmentation is the unintentional cutting up of the body of an organism which each grows into different organism. It's a mode of asexual reproduction.

For example, a lizard can intentionally leave it's tail behind and grow it back later on. But the tail cannot grow into a lizard. While growing the tail back means that it can regenerate from the point where it was cut off, the tail not growing into a lizard means that it can't fragment itself to reproduce.


A no. of animals have the ability to grow the lost organs of their body . This ability of organisms to replace their lost parts by growth is known as regeneration example- in starfish , Spiders , etc.

In organisms like planaria , hydra ,etc. small pieces of their bodies can give rise to new individuals.This process is called as fragmentation.

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Q: What is the difference between fragmentation and regeneration?
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Is fragmentation and regeneration same vegetative reproduction?

fragmentation occurs in lower form of plants while regeneration occurs in animals - lizard.

What does asexual reproduction involve?

Budding, Fragmentation, and Regeneration.

How can one parent produce an offspring?

Budding, fragmentation and regeneration.

What are three types of asexual reproduction?

fission, fragmentation, and regeneration

What is the difference between habitat change and habitat fragmentation?

The difference between habitat and habitat fragmentation is that habitat is area where an organism lives and habitat fragmentation is altration of small areas withen a large region, creating a patchwork of altered and original habitats.

What is Difference between habitat loss habitat degradation and habitat fragmentation?

great loss, great degradation, and great fragmentation.

What is sexual fragmentation?

Fragmentation is a means of asexual reproduction in which a single parent breaks into parts that regenerate into whole new individuals. Starfish use fragmentation and regeneration, the regrowth of body parts from pieces of an animal, to reproduce.

What is the difference between natural and artificial regeneration of trees?

i dont't know campbell harrys was here

What are the three types of reproduction?

Conjugation and fertilization are two types of sexual reproduction.The three types of Asexual Reproduction are fission, fragmentation, and regeneration.

What is the difference between fibrosis and regeneration?

Fibrosis is the replacement of cells and fibrosis is where it involves repair by dent, forming scar tissues

What is the difference between budding and regeneration?

budding is when a part of the organism brakes off it grows and becomes identical to the organism it broke of of or when it just grows on the organism and regeneration is when a sea star losses a limb and it grows back.

What is the difference between internal and external fragmentation in OS?

Internal Fragmentation is the area in a region or a page that is not used by the job occupying that region or page. This space is unavailable for use by the system until that job is finished and the page or region is released.

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