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The horsepower of any engine is not limited or defined by the size of the engine. A 2200 cc engine could have as much as 400 horsepower, if modified.

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Q: What is the engine horse power of 2200 cc?
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How many hp in a 99 cc engine?

3.3 HP

How many horse power is in a 3000 cc engine?

There are 15-17 cc per horsepower, your engine has about 200 horsepower.

What is difference between cc and horse power?

cc is the actual size of the engine. It could be a 1200 cc engine that might put out around 90 h.p.

How does the cc of the engine make it superior?

Not really sure what your asking here but cc's like horse power determines the amount of power your engine produces. The larger the number the more power.

2 horsepower is equal to how many cc?

you can convert cubic inches to cc's but not horse power. an engine with say 65 cc's can have different amounts of horse power depending on carberation, pistons, valves etc. etc. etc. but my 65 cc engine does have 1.89 hp if that helps.

A 2.2 liter engine would have a displecement of approximately?

2200 cc

About how many horse power is 340 cc?

Honda gets about 11HP out of their OPE engine.

2 stroke engine 309 cc into horse power?

225 cc is 7.5 hp power may little over 10.3 hp

How much cc is equal to 1 horse power?

You can't just have a certain amount of CC's in a horsepower. Theres too many variables as Horse power is " Power from the engine " and CC is actually how much the engine is putting out. It's hard to explain but dont bother to keep trying to look for the awnser.

What is mean by cc in cars and whether there is difference in cc and hp?

CC (cubic centimeter) is a measurement of displacement used to identify the size of the combustion chambers in an engine. HP (horse power) is a measurement of power the engine can produce. CC and HP are not the same.

What does 2.0 liter stands for?

2200 cc's. Relates to the engine size of automobiles.

How many horse power in a Briggs and Stratton 1450 305 cc engine?

14 hp

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