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Q: What is the evolutionary significance of browspot and prehallux of the frog?
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What is the evolutionary significance of the prehallux of the frog?


What does it mean to see a urinating frog?

It means your eyesight is fine. There is no significance otherwise.

Smiley's frog is named Andrew Jackson?

That's a unique name for a frog! I wonder if there is any specific reason or significance behind choosing the name Andrew Jackson?

What are the parts of a frog's skeleton?

external nares (dorsal) upper eyelid (ventral) lower eyelid nictitating membrane browspot tympanic membrane cloacal aperture forelimbs brachium antebrachium manus hindlimbs thigh shank/crus pes foot prehallux or calcar vocal sac

What is is the significance of a frog's tadpole being ammonotelic and adult frog being ureotelic?

Tadpoles are generally aquatic organisms. Therefore there is no problm of water conservation for them. Hence they cn easily eliminate the excess ammonia frm their body. (smtimes by skin also). .hence it is an ammonotelic animal.

What is the Perkins disease?

it is a frog it is a frog it is a frog

What are three examples of a frog?

tree frog , poison dart frog , and a glass frog

Can you freeze a frog?

If you freeze a live frog, it will kill the frog. You can; however, freeze a dead frog.

What is a frog like animal?

A toad is like a frog.

What are frog names that start with p?

Pyxie frog (pixie), Pac-man frog, and Poison frog

What is the name of kermit the frog's baby?

Robin the Frog is the name of Kermit the Frog's nephew.

What frogs live in Ricmond Virginia?

Bullfrog, green frog, pickerel frog, spring peeper, chorus frog, leopard frog, tree frog.