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they don't have a name.

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Q: What is the fat cats name from the musical CATS?
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What do now about white cats?

I know that white cats can look very dirty whhen they get dirty. Older white cats can look very cute. They sometimes look very fat when they are older.

Can you give slim Jim's food to cats?

Avoid feeding Slim Jims or similar snacks to cats : they are high in fat, salt, and spices and could make your cat sick.

How long do fat cats live.?

It depends on a multitude of factors. Fat cats are more likely to develope heart disease and other problems, but if a fat cat has a healthy lifestyle, and is loved, it can live longer than unhealthy, not loved cats. It also depends on other risks such as wild animals. If your cat is too fat, try to slowly feed it less food until it starts to lose weight, or give it more exercise. You could also try going to a vet and ask them how they could help your cat lose weight.

Can cats get fat?

Yes, cats can indeed get fat. It has nothing to do with a cat's coat pattern. Cats become overweight due to being overfed or fed low-quality food. Many dry foods and low-quality wet foods are often packed with carbohydrates - "filler" in the way of grains and cereals, none of which cats can digest or gain any nutrients from. Grain is used instead of meat because it is cheaper to produce and helps kibble pieces hold together. Cats need MEAT based protein, not PLANT based protein. Cats will often overeat on lower quality foods because they are not getting all the nutrients they need, which often results in obesity and diabetes.

Do cats lose a lot of weight before dying?

No generally they do not, but if they arent fed enough the metabolism will burn what fat they have.

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Are cats fat or skinny?

Generally, Fat cats tend to be fat, and skinny cats usually are known to be skinny.

What are the ratings and certificates for Fat Cats - 2005?

Fat Cats - 2005 is rated/received certificates of: USA:PG-13

Why are pumpkin cats called pumpkin cats?

They tend to be fat like pumpkins.

Why are cats fat?

Not all cats are fat, but for the ones that are, it is usually the same reason some humans are fat. They eat too much, or don't get enough exercise, or both. Cats often lay around and sleep.

Do fat cats have more fur?

No they have more fat

Are Maine coon cats fat?


What type of cat has fat pads in its face?

Ragamuffin is the name of the breed of cat with fat pads in its face. These cats can be very expensive.

Can fat male cats get pregnant?

No, they cannot.

Are cats fat?

if they eat to much or have a disorder

Will cats have shorter lives if they are fat?


Why do do cats like milk?

Cats are mammals so they naturally drink milk from their mother when they are young. Milk is naturally high in fat and other nutrients, which is why cats will readily drink milk. Due to their carnivorous diet, cats need some fat in their diet.

Are Ragdoll cats supposed to be fat?

not fat, pleasantly rounded only.