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Q: What is the importance of Marley's chain?
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How is Marley's chain made in the book A Christmas Carol?

Marleys chain is made from steel purses, ledgers, cashboxes, keys, and his office materials.

What was bob Marleys favirote animal?

bob marleys favirote animal was leapords

What was bob Marleys childhood?


What is the importance of light in the food chain?

Light begins he food chain and feeds the producers (plants)

What is the importance of the wetlands?

Wetlands are the mother of the food chain.

What is the importance of the chain of command?

to insure the completion of goal

What did marleys ghost say would happen scrooge?

he would suffer the same fate as himself which was to wear a ponderous chain seven time longer than his own and suffer eternal torment

What is the importance of a food chain?

la la la la

How do you explain Bob Marleys mission?

marleys mission was to lead the world out of confusion and to touch the hearts of people all over the world

How is Scrooge related to Marley's punishment?

Marley warns Scrooge thatt he(Scrooge ) is following the same downward path as he had and in doing so was making a chain of punishement for himself that was to be 7 times larger than Marleys

Who was Bob Marleys friend?

i believe bob marleys best friend was Jacob miller another reggae singer that past away in a car accident

What is bob Marleys rarest song?