What is the name of first pet?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Her Dog Cocoa

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Q: What is the name of first pet?
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Name of first pet?

My first pet animal name is Trix.

What was the name of the first pet dog?

Patty! :)

How do you name your pet on tinier me?

Don't you first buy the pet, then you like go to your room maybe and try all the buttons for your pet. Or the thing to name it should appear after you buy the pet.

WHAT IS First pet name of Naruto?

Squirrel and toad

What was Emma Watson's first pet's name?

I don't know if her pet hamster was her first pet, but I DO know it's name was Millie and it died shortly after the shooting of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

What is the name of joe jonas' first pet?

Joe shared a pet dog named Coco with his brothers.

Name of first pet Ashley Tisdale?

Blondie :D

What was Liam Payne's first pet?

I'm not sure who said this but someone's first pet was a dog named Ted (it may have been Louis) But I know for a fact that his first turtles name was Lolly. So his first pet was either a dog or turtle.

What is the name of Justin Bieber's first pet?

Sam or Sammy

Nick Jonas's first pet's name?

CoCo, He has a new dog now, his name is Elvis

What was Louis's first pets name?

Louis tomlinson's first pet was a dog called Ted

What was the name of zayns first pet dog?

A staffie dog called Tyson