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Lambs are baby sheep and goats are called kids. A female young goat can be called a doeling and a young male goat can be a called a buckling

The offspring of a goat male and sheep female (as in a buck and ewe) is called a geep.

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Q: What is the offspring of a goat and a sheep called?
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What names given to offspring of sheep and goat?

the sheep is a lamb and a goat is a kid.

Name the hybrid goat varieties in India?

A sheepâ??goat hybrid (sometimes called a geep) is the hybrid offspring of a sheep and a goat. This is the only known hybrid goat of India that was mated with a sheep.

What is the offspring of a sheep and a goat?

Lambs and kids

If you cross sheep with goat what will be the offspring?

It is a sheep goat-hybrid. Most offspring are stillborn because sheep and goats belong to different genera and have a different number of chromosome pairs.

What is a yeanling?

A yeanling is the newborn offspring of a goat or a sheep.

What can you expect if your sheep impregnates a goat?

A stillborn offspring, the babies of a goat and sheep cross are not able to survive and are stillborn.

Whats the name given to the offspring of sheep and goats?

They are scientifically classified as "geep". Offspring born to a ewe and ram (sheep) are called lambs. Offspring born to a doe and buck (goats) are called kids. When off spring are born to a sheep and goat depending on which species is the dam (mother) they are either called geeps or shoats.

Is goat meat called lamb?

No goat meat is called goat or capretto or chevon depending of the age of the goat. Sheep produce lambs and meat from young sheep is called lamb, meat from older sheep is called mutton. There is a Jamaican dish called chivo which is made with goat and it is delicious.

What is a goat's offspring called?

A "kid"

What is the child of a sheep called?

Goat is a Kid. Sheep is a lamb.

What is baby a goat?

A baby goat is the offspring of a doe and a buck goat and it is called a kid.

What is child of a goat called?

the offspring of a goat is often referred to as a "kid"

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