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Male African lions had been noticed to drag a 900Ibs zebra on not that short distance, you will need 7-11 men to do so. Power is the matter of age, health and size

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Lions have large sharp canines which they use to tear scraps of meet off carcases and powerful jaws that they use to crush the windpipe of their prey. They also have sharp claws.

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Q: What is the power of a male African lion?
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What color are African lion?

! The African Lion is kind of tan for the body, and the male has a brownish mane.

African Male Lion?


What does an average male African lion weigh?

The average size of an African male lion is in fact 275.34kg to two decimal places

What does an African lion family look like?

There is a male lion and a lioness and they have Cubs and the lioness hunts for food and the male lion cares for the Cubs at the den

What istheaverage weight ofa male African lion?

Although a few may reach 500 pounds or more, the average weight for the African lion male is around 390-430 pounds.

What are three facts about African lions?

The African lion is the Panthera leo. They are the only cat to live in groups. The territory of a male African lion may include up to 100 square miles.

What would win in a fight an crocodile or male African lion?

I would say a crocodile because it could drown the lion

Is the Siberian tiger bigger than the African lion?

Yes. The average male Siberian tiger weighs 215 kg (475 lb) whereas the average male African lion weighs 181 kg (400 lb).

Can ten male German Shepherd dogs kill a male African Lion?

A male lion can scare off 15 spotted hyenas and hyena are larger and more powerfull then german shepard the dogs might attack the lion but they conot kill it.

What animal played a women but had a male's voice in the lion king?

Are you referring to Vitani? If so, she is an African lion. If that's not your answer, then I don't know what is!

What is the weight of the mail African lion?

The male lion averages from around 380-425 pounds, with exceptional lions over 500.

What are some unique features of the African lion?

a male lions roar can be heard a mile away