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The cat could have ear mites if it goes outdoors a lot.

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Q: What is the problem when you'r cat can stop scratching their ear's?
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Our cat is scratching his neck and ears why?

Maybe your cat has fleas. I would go see a vet.

How do i know if I'm petting my cat too hard?

The cat will let you know by biting you, scratching you or leaving. One of my cats don't like its ears rubbed. I still rub her ears and she gets mad and leaves.

Why has the cat lost the hair off of her ears?

It is possible she has been scratching too much because of an infection. Take her to the vet.

What can you put on a cat who won't stop scratching themselves bald and raw?

PLEASE take the cat to the Vet. Could be an allergy or mange [mites ]. The cat must be in misery.

How do you get cats from scratching on leather furniture?

Spray where the cat scratches with mace, the smell will repel the cat. If you're just plain nuts, you could always spray the CAT with mace ( Don't do this unless you're s certified psycho, and even then, don't do it)

Stop cat scratching furniture?

Cats seem smart enough to limit their scratching to certain "agreed upon" places. But the cat HAS to scratch something. And for God's sake...never de-claw a cat. " How we behave toward cats here below determines our status in heaven."- Robert A. Heinlein

How do you know a cat has ear mites?

symptoms of ear mites in a cat: constant scratching of ears or rubbing face on ground and making strange noises while doing so or extreme discomfort of face...etc...

How do you get your cat to stop scratching her neck raw?

If your cat is wearing a collar TAKE IT OFF have her checked out at a vet, she may be allergic to something or maybe she/he has fleas and do not let your cat outside, it will take 5 years off a cat's life.

Why does my cat get mad at me for no reason Everything will be fine but then he just starts growling and scratching?

If your cat starts growling and scratching for no reason, there may be something the cat smells or sense on you that they do not like.

Big ears tear drops and cat ears?

yes you do have big ears tear drops and also cat ears

Kathy and Terry argued because her cat was scratching at the door all night what is the pronoun reference problem in this sentence?

The pronoun her does not specify which of the two people the cat belongs to. In this sentence it is unclear whether the cat is Kathy's or Terry's.

How do you treat a cat with a hematoma in both ears?

with mineral oil If the hematomas need to be reduced (which your Vet can determine), the Vet will need to anesthetize the animal to do so. After that, the Vet would, likely, have you protect the cat's ears from further trauma with one of the "cone" collars, at least until the ears heal. Also, ear hematomas are most often caused by the cat itself, scratching at the ears because of an ear infection or possible ear mite infestation. Your Vet would likely prescribe an appropriate course of medication to help rid the cat of either.