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about 5 miles

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Q: What is the speed of a horse walking?
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What is the average Horse speed walking?

It depends on the breed.

what speed is walking pace for a horse?

The average is 4 mph, but it depends on the horses speed.

How fast is a Tennessee walking horse?

The speed of any horse depends on the age and fitness of the animal, as well as the bloodlines of the horse. Tennessee Walking Horses can canter and gallop just like other horses, and the average speed is 30 mph.

Is a Tennessee Walking Horse and Rocky Mountain Horse a good cross?

Yes, they do. If crossed correctly, It will make a good speed racking horse

What is the difference between an American Saddle Horse and a Tennessee Walking Horse?

the two types of horses have different gates. A gate is the speed of a horse.

What is the average speed of a horse when walking?

6km/h 6km is equal to 3.7 miles

What is the average walking speed of a donkey?

A donkey may be able to run as fast as a horse, however, it's walking speed is around 4 miles per hour, similar to that of a human.

What is the average speed of a Tennessee walking horse?

The Tennessee Walking Horse uses a "running walk." They can travel 10-20 miles an hour with their normal walk, while the average horse with their normal walk only travels 4-8 miles an hour.

What does a walking trail horse mean?

A walking trail horse is simply a horse that you can take on trails at a walking speed. That's the literal meaning of the question; but as a trail rider and author of Basic Training for a Safe Trail Horse I would say that "walking trail horse" refers to a gaited breed of trail horse like the Tennessee Walker. TW's are the most common of walking horses, but there are many other gaited breeds that perform comfortable gaits that can be described as a "walking" gait. Many of these gaits are performed at speeds comparable to the gaits of trotting or cantering in non-gaited breeds.

What is Tennessee's state horse?

The Walking horse

Why is the Tennessee Walking Horse called a walking horse?

The Tennessee Walking Horse is known for a special gait called the "Running Walk" which is a very fast walk with a long stride, super smooth and totally natural to the Tennessee Walking Horse. That is why they are called "walking horses" or "walkers"

Who is the founding Tennessee walking horse?

The founding Tennessee Walking Horse was a horse named Black Allen born 1885.

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