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They allow the shark to swim. A shark with no fins would be unable to swim. Any individual fin provides steering and propulsion depending on exactly which fin you're talking about. The dorsal fin (the one on top of the shark that sticks up above the water in any cartoon about a shark) is mainly for steering.

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The sharks dorsal fin allows it to turn and maneuver in the water.

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A shark has fin for a couple of reasons balance and movement

Without the fins, sharks would not be able to swim and propel themselves through the waters and hunt.

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they use their dorsal fin

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Q: What is the use of the fishes dorsal fin?
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What is the difference between a dorsal fin and other fins?

A dorsal fin is the one on the top of the fishes back.

Why some fishes have spiny dorsal fin only and some have soft dorsal fin only and others have both?

Because that's ahow god made them

Is it possible for a dolphin to move its dorsal fin?

No, it is not. Dolphins use their dorsal fin for balance.

Male molly sticking his fin bolt up right?

If you are refering to the fishes Dorsal Fin, that is how it is supposed to be. When a fish has its dorsal down is the time when you start to worry and wonder what is wrong with the fish.

What is the fin called on an orcas back?

The fin on the back of an orca is called the dorsal fin.

What is the dorsal fin?

The dorsal fin is the fin on the back of a fish, for example the typical triangular fin on the back of a shark is its dorsal fin.

What does a female Orcas dorsal fin look like?

the female orca's dorsal fin is curved and the males dorsal fin is straight

What is the name of the fin behind the dorsal fin?

On a dolphin and most fish the fin behind the dorsal fin is the tail fin. Some fish, such as knife fish, have no dorsal fin or tail fin. Dolphins of course are mammals, not fish.

Is a fish's dorsal fin on its side?

No, a dorsal fin from a fish is on its back area.

What is the top fin on the fish called?

The fin on the top/back of all fish is called the "Dorsal Fin."

What is the second donsal fin?

Some sharks have a second dorsal fin, it's between the main dorsal fin in the middle of the back, and the tail. Not all fish have a second dorsal fin.

What is the function of the Posterior Dorsal of a fish?

The main function of the dorsal fin in any animal with a dorsal fin is stability. Some fish have adapted for using the dorsal fin for other uses, such as propulsion in the Sunfish. The anglerfish's dorsal fin has evolved to work as a fishing pole so that the fish can bait and catch their prey.