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Q: What is the weight of a crevice spiny lizard?
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What is the blue spiny lizard's feeding group?

The blue spiny lizard is an Omnivore.

What is the scientific name for Desert Spiny Lizard?

Sceloporus magister is the scientific name of the desert Spiny Lizard.

Are Spiny lizard pisonous?


What does a desert spiny lizard look like?

The image above is of a species of spiny lizard that lives in deserts of the southwest United States.

What do Texas spiny Lizard eat?


Are Granite Spiny Lizard Poison?

Probably not

Where does the Spiny tailed lizard live?

Most Spiny tailed lizards live in North Africa

How long does it take for a Texas spiny lizard to lay its eggs?

The Texas spiny lizard will lay eggs every four months each year. The lizard can lay the eggs in just a few minutes.

Is a spiny tailed lizard a herbivore?

yes it is

What is the American lizard called with a spiny crest along their back?


Is the danchie lizard also called the spiny anteater?

No. Spiny anteaters are not any type of lizard. Their proper name is "echidna", and they are monotremes, or egg-laying mammals, found in Australia and on the island of New Guinea.

Species of lizard with a parietal eye and spiny crest?

Iguana - only option that fits