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Q: What is the winter counterpart to estivation?
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What is the summer counterpart of hibernation?

Estivation - a state of dormancy similar to hibernation, except it is used in the summer ...

Were do frogs live in summer?

they have a period of inactivity in the summer and winter. estivation is in the summer. hibernation is in the winter.

Which animals hibernate during the summer?

This is called estivation. Some animals that estivate are the Madagascan fat-tailed dwarf lemur, California red-legged frog, North American desert tortoise,crocodile,salamander,lungfish,snail (during the day),squirrel and chipmunk (during the worst part of Winter) Source:

What is the scientific term used for summer sleep?

Estivation is summer sleep; hibernation is winter sleep.

Do wolves estivate?

Estivation is the summer equivalent of hibernation in the winter. No, wolves do not estivate, as they are active year round.

10 animals that hibernate?

Some animals hiberate during the winter. Most hibernating animals awaken in the spring. But occasionally, hibernating animals will awaken to eat during the winter. Some of the animals listed are not true hibernators, they just go dormant (suspended state) over the winter. Some cold-blooded creature have their own form of hibernation called estivation. badgers - dormant bats (some not all bats hibernate) - hibernates bears - dormant bees - estivation butterflies chipmunks - dormant dormouse - dormant earthworms - estivation fat tailed lemurs frogs - estivation groundhogs or woodchucks - dormant ground squirrels - hibernates hamsters - dormant hedgehogs - estivation ladybug lizards - estivation marmots - hiberation mosquitoes moths prairie dogs raccoons - dormant skunks - dormant squirrels - dormant snails - estivation snakes - estivation toads - estivation

What is the difference between hibernation and estivation?

The difference between hibernation and estivation. Hibernation - when animals such as mice and bees and chipmunks and such sleep during winter and live off of fat and food energy that they store for when they go into a deep sleep. Estivation - when animals such as frogs and toads go into a deep sleep when it gets too warm.

What is a period of inactivity that some animals experience in summer?

Type your answer here... it is hibernation

What is the diffrence between hibernation and estivation?

Hibernate is to be in a dormant state resembling sleep over the winter. Estivate is the opposite where it is to be in a dormant state in summer.

What are examples of estivation?

the example of the estimation is waiting for the rainy

Which animals go into estivation?


Why hibernation and estivation important to some animals?

Hibernation and estivation are important to some animals so they can get enough sleep, or catch up on it at least.