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The polar bear and the walrus are two herbivores in the Artic.

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Arctic hare,deer ,moose

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Q: What kind of omnivores live in the Arctic?
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What are the common omnivores of the Arctic?

Arctic foxes and arctic squirrels are both omnivores.

Is an arctic warbler a carnivore a herbivre or an omnivore?

There are several species of birds that live in the Arctic. Some are omnivores.

Are arctic fox carnivores?

they are omnivores.

What kind of omnivores live in the ocean?


What kind of foxes live in the Arctic?

Arctic foxes live in the arctic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are Arctic foxes omnivores?

Yes, Arctic foxes are omnivores. They eat both plants and animals.

What omnivores live in the Arctic tundra?

Artic Fox it is forced top eat plant because of the low amount of carnivore it eat! :D

Do the Emperor penguins live in the Arctic Circle?

No. They only live in Antarctica. No penguins of any kind live anywhere in the Arctic.

What arctic animals are omnivores?


Are arctic squirrels omnivores?


Are Arctic hare omnivores?


WHAT kind of omnivores live near large bodies of water?

Ducks are omnivores that reside on or about wetlands (swamps) and oceans.