What kinds of hamsters are there?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There are Syrian Hamsters (the most common type), Dwarf Russian Campbells Hamsters, Dwarf Russian Winter White Hamsters, Dwarf Roborovski Hamsters, and Dwarf Chinese Hamsters.

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Syrians, Dwarf Campbell Russians, Dwarf Winter White Russians, Roboroviski Dwarfs,

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Q: What kinds of hamsters are there?
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What kinds of hamsters have raibies?

you can't get rabies from hamsters

Can golden hamsters and teddybear hamsters mate?

yes any kinds of hamsters can mate .

What kinds of hamsters don't shed?

Hamsters don't shed.Some good hamsters to own are...-Black Bear Hamsters-Teddy or Fancy Bear Hamsters-Long Hair Hamsters

Do hamsters come in sizes Are there some breeds larger or smaller than others What about wild hamsters?

Of course there is all kinds of hamsters, like dwarf hamsters there the size of a puff ball , huge and even extreemly fuzzy hamsters, there are at least more than a hundred kinds of species of hamsters. Though wild hamsters are hard to catch, viciouse, and bite, plus may have rabies.

More about hamsters?

I have a great site that i always go on for hamsters they treat there hamsters with respect! And i found out so much stuff that i didnt know about hamsters! They talk about so much different kinds from dwarf hamsters to syrain hamsters!!!

What are all the kinds of hamsters?

This link should tell you everything you need to know about hamsters!

Is a hamster grosser than a mouse?

No at least not to me teddy bear hamsters are the best kinds of hamsters and they are ot "grosser" then a mouse.

Can hamsters eat any type of hay?

no hamsters can only eat some kinds of food they dont eat hat by shayy10

What are some hamsters?

many kinds of hamsters are: Russian Albino( Albino hamsters can be any breed) Dwarf Robo But if you do some reasearch, you could find soooooooo many more breeds.

What kinds of cages do hamsters and mice pefer?

Usually wire ones as they can climb on them.

What kinds of meats do hamsters eat?

It is better not to feed your hamster any meat.

What kind of lettuce can hamsters have?

Hamsters can have all kinds of lettuce, except iceburg, and do not give it to them straight from the fridge, it is bad for them and may hurt their teeth. x0x0 bebs