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Q: What larva that is an insect that often spins in a cocoon and its a 4 letter word?
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Can you move a cocoon?

ok now im going to list some things that you dont know about yet wind,rain,bugs,rocks,and so forth that is just a few things that can move a cocoon!RETARD I don't mean to be rude, but this person is asking if a metamorphosing moth or butterfly move and the answer is yes. it often will move and this is perfectly normal. it is a living creature and is still capable of sensation inside a cocoon. :)

Do ladybird larva have spots?

Ladybird larva are brilliantly colored, often blue, with stripes of orange or black.

What animal or insect begins with the letter z and lives in the rainforest?

A Zorro fox this is a ture answer , i dont lie often.

Is a zyzzyva a animal or insect?

It is a tropical insect often found in association with palms

What is a baby cicada locust called?

locust larvas are often referred to as a locust larva Locust larva is called a nymph

What is the difference between a cocoon and a chrysalis?

A cocoon is a covering made of silk that encloses a pupa, and a chrysalis is the pupa of a butterfly. The chrysalis is covered in a hard, chitnous shell. Note the difference: A cocoon is a covering of a pupa, and a chrysalis is a particular kind of pupa, usually with no enclosing cocoon. Inside a cocoon, you will often find a pupa of a moth or other insect with an inner chitinous shell, but it is not called a chrysalis unless it is the pupa of a butterfly. The pupae of some insects have visible external body structures, such as wings and legs, as they develop, while others (such as moths) have a smooth outer shell that encloses the developing structures. See

What is another way you can say larva?

"Larva" is pronounced 'LAR-vuh'. Two or more larva, that is the plural word of 'Larva' is "Larvae" This is where things get sticky . . . to be pronounced correctly in Latin, larvae is 'LAR-vye', but since most people do not understand the rules for Latin, they often pronounce it, "LAR-vay" or "LAR-vee".

What insect is often attracted to garbage?


What insect or bugs that start with the letter x?

A type of insect that begins with the letter x is xylophage. This is a word that is used to describe a group of insects that are known to feed on wood. This is often used in reference to types of beetles.

What flying insect often has colorful wings?


You rarely see this insect but you often hear it chirping?

The insect you rarely see but often hear chirping is the cricket. They are the ones who come out at night and they are very loud.

What insect is often attracted to bitter root?

ant trees