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they will incresa

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Q: What might happen of number of voles and rabbits if amount of grass increased?
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The number of rabbits triple every four months If there are three rabbits now. how many rabbits will there be after a year?


If the population of rabbits increase will the population of snakes increase?

Nature is like a system in equilibrium. If a change in any component nature, quality or quantity is imposed on it, it will try to suppress that change and try to nullify it. So if the number of rabbits increase that change will be nullified by many factors other than predators. Diseases, shortage of food etc. can happen. Also, the increase in the number of rabbits will provide a good habitat for the snakes and thereby help in more breeding. But this will happen only up to a particular limit after which there will be no more change.

Rabbits only eat plants they eat faster then plants can grow back what must happen to bring ecosystem into balance?

It is a common misconception that rabbits are harmful to the plants they eat. A rabbit is a grazer. They will simply eat a few leaves and move on, leaving the root system intact. I some places their may be a seeming over abundance of rabbits, but this problem tends to right itself overtime. If the rabbits eat the plants before the plants grow back then the lack of food will cause the population to decline until the number of rabbits is compatible with the number of plants available to eat. It is not necessary to trap and remove the rabbits as long as there is patience involved.

Why rabbits are good pets?

I own a number of rabbits myself, so I can help answer your question, hopefully.

Are rabbits aggressive?

i hope someone puts a better answer then i am about to :P as my wording may be a bit off yes and no rabbits are usually inquisitive and social creatures but they can get aggressive if provoked or for a number of other reasons such as being in pain or sick etc the concept that rabbits are complete cowards is a misnomer

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If horses were removed from the Greenland what would happen to the number of rabbits?

I am not sure what would happen to rabbits if horses were moved from Greenland. I am sure that there would be more rabbits.

What has increased the amount of food produced and the reduced the number of farms and farmers?

they have increased the size of farms and the amount of food producedthey have increased the size of farms and the amount of food produced

What would happen to the number of rabbits if field mice died?

The number of rabbits would decrease because there is'nt enough field mice to eat

What would happen most likely happen if the number of shrimp increased?

the plankton population would decrease

What would happen if the number of shrimp increased?

the plankton population would decrease

What will happen if foxes increase?

the number of rabbits will decrease because that's fox's main food source

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What happens to the number of prey when the number of ladybirds is increased in Case Study 1?

well if the number of say Rabbits increased, its would eventually mean there would be less food for them to eat so unless they venture out to other areas for food, they will not survive. less food will also mean that there is less chance of reproduction as the parents would not be able to support themselves and their young. also if the rabbits eat the food available will mean less food for other animals. ultimately an increase in Rabbits (prey) will mean more food for the foxes (predator) to eat, then they can reproduce as they can support the cubs. this will mean therefore the number of rabbits will decrease, and as the number of rabbits decrease, so will the number of foxes....and the cycle continues hope this helps

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What would happen to the possible variation in the gametes if the number of chromosome pairs increased from two to three?


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The number of exemptions would have to be increased for this purpose.

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