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It is estimated that out of all species that have ever lived, almost 99.9% of all species have gone extinct. No species will ever live forever, they will go extinct one time or another no matter what.

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Unless we discover life elsewhere in the universe, all species that have ever been and are now have Existed on Earth. So 100%.

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It is estimated that 99% of all animals that have existed to now have gone extinct.

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Q: What percent of all animals are extinct?
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What is the percentages of animals that are endangered or extinct?

90 percent of animals?

Where are the extinct and endangered animals?

the extinct animals are in heaven and the endangered animals are all over the world in the wild and in zoos.

How Extinct animals are there in the world?

352 None, they are all extinct.

Can extinct animals live in only one habitat?

Extinct animals are no longer living at all.

Are all animals going to be extinct?


Why will there be a shortage of food if plants and animals become extinct?

If all animals go extinct there will be no need for food!

What are extinct animals please define with examples?

extinct animals are animals that there are none left of such a the dinosour and the mammoth these animals are gone they are not alove all of them are gone.

How many extinct animals are there right now in the world?

None. They are all extinct.

What are the Australian extinct animals?

The Thylacine (or Tasmanian Tiger is extinct). Also all Australian megafauna is extinct.

Do all extinct animals look like animals that are alive today?


What type of animal that not exist anymore called?

Animals that are extinct from the earth are animals that used to live on the earth but are all dead now. Endangered animals are almost extinct.

What will happen if all of the plants and animals are extinct?

We all DIE!