What reptiles are in the tundra?

Updated: 8/11/2023
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white lizards

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Q: What reptiles are in the tundra?
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What reptiles live in the tundra?


Why would you not expect to find many reptiles living in the tundra?

Because reptiles have not developed the technology to make warm coats.

What kind of vertebrate is the tundra most suitable for?

Mammals and birds both do well in the tundra. Fish, reptiles and amphibians--not so much. The best answer would probably be 'warm blooded'.

What kind of snakes live in the tundra?

I am trying to look it up to but i have spent over 30 minutes looking for one. Sorry there are no reptiles or amphibians in the Arctic Tundra.

How is the tundra animals existsin the tundra?

Tundra mammels survive in the tundra by having heavy fur coats that have evolved to fight against the terrible cold. Tundra reptiles, which are few, go into deep hibernations in the winter and have adapted to have antifreeze in their systems that allow them to literally freeze and come back to life. Tundra birds have large amounts of down feathers and often have feathers on their feet to promote good circulation and warmth. Tundra fish have adapted to live in still cold waters with low oxegan levels under the ice. Most tundra animals have adapted overtime as to not succumb to their enviorment. With physical features and diets specifically for cold places tundra animals exist very easily in such an odd enviornment.

Why arent there many reptiles or amphibians in the tundra?

Most reptiles are cold-blooded and have a low metabolism, which means that they must rely on the heat of the sun to help speed their metabolism. In cold places, such as the tundra, a reptile would most likely freeze to death and would not be able to move very well. Although there is a certain species of frog whose blood contains some sort of anti-freeze agent and allows it to hibernate in suspended animation... Well, that's another story.

Are there any amphibians or reptiles of the tundra?

Yes, there are seals in the Arctic. Such as Leopard seals, Harp seals, Arctic Ice seals, Earless seals etc.

What are vast treeless plains called?


What are the types of tundra?

The arctic tundra, alpine tundra, and antarctic tundra.

What are the three types of tundra?

The arctic tundra, alpine tundra, and antarctic tundra.

What are the two different types of tundra?

There are 3 types of tundras, the antarctic tundra, the arctic tundra, and the alpine tundra.

What are five vocab words for the Tundra?

alpine tundra artic tundra permafrost tundra biome