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LARGE !! or XL cause i have a labrador and we had a large one

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Q: What size dog door should you have for a female rottweiler?
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Can a rottweiler kill an African wild dog?

Yes, because the rottweiler has the strength and jaw size to do so.

Who would win in a fight rottweiler or staff?

The rottweiler would win the fight. A staff dog does not have strong and big jaws like a rottweiler nor a larger size.

What should the size of the heart for an average female be?

size of her fist

Is A Pitbull A Better Yard Dog Than A Rottweiler?

As for a guard/yard dog, the rottweiler is better due to size.

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What size tires does a 2003 Dodge Caravan need?

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Which is stronger between a pitbull a dogo argentino or a rottweiler?

Depending on the size of the dog, both dogs are very powerful, the Rottweiler has a stronger bite, but I think that the Rottweiler would not withstand against the Dogo Argentino in a longer fight