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A guinea pig's brain is 4 grams in weight.

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Q: What size is a Guinea Pigs Brain and heart?
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What is a Guinea Pigs Size?

they are the size of a kitten!

How long are guinea pigs?

Just like humans, guinea pigs vary in size :)

What is the adult size for rex guinea pigs?

The adult size of a rex guinea pigs vaires but they are very cleen and have a wire coat.

What is the size of a guinea pigs brain?

I've read that a hamster's brain is the size of a grape, though I wonder if the person who wrote that is talking about those big, juicy green grapes that look like they're about to explode, or those tiny seedless purple ones. A hamster's heart is probably smaller than it's brain, like in humans. The size of a hamster's organs obviously has something to do with the size of the hamster.

Is guinea pigs brains the size of there poop?

About but not quite. guinea pigs brains are bigger than poop.

Does the guinea pigs size depend on the breed?


Do guinea pigs get along with girbles?

no, guinea pigs could hurt the gerbils by accident (big size difference!)

Do guinea pigs have the same cage as a hamster?

No its not, i guinea pigs cage is way bigger. & you should not have the same size of guinea pig cage as your hampster.

What size are baby guinea pigs?

They are about the size of adult mice, but some are smaller.

How big do rabbits And guinea pigs can get?

The size of rabbits and guinea pigs really depends on it's species. There are types of rabbits and guinea pigs that only grow a little, while others grow a lot. The things they eat also effects the size of it. Normal guinea pigs;males can be about 19-25 cm. Females are about 18-23 cm. Rabbits can have a big difference.

Do guinea pigs have big teeth?

Their teeth are about the same size as a rats.

How much does guinea pigs cages cost?

It depends on the size of the cage.Some cages are cheaper when they come in a guinea pig care supplies kit.My cage for my guinea pig was $50.But, then again,it was originally meant for two guinea pigs.