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Q: What species of bird did darwin's wrens and goshawks turn out to be?
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What are wrens?

Wrens are a type of bird. Wrens can also refer to members of the former Women's Royal Navy Service. It is also a surname.

Are wrens reptiles?

No a wren is a small bird

What bird has red eyes and is six letters?

Goshawks, loons, and certain ducks.

What does the term 'wrens' mean?

A Wren is a type of bird. It is a very small songbird which is found in many different places around the world. There are around 80 species of Wren found.

What is a male raven called?

A male raven, like many bird species, is called a cock. A female raven is a hen, and a baby raven is a chick.

Are cactus wrens reptiles?

i dont belive so. They are a type of small bird.

What is the best European bird for falconry?

I can't state the "best", it depends on your quarry. Try Peregrine Falcons or Goshawks.

What kind of bird would remove baby birds from a nest before they even get feathers?

It is very common for House Wrens to remove baby birds of other species from their nest before they get too heavy for them to pick up. Usually after about 4-7 days of development, the babies are safe from a House Wren due to their weight. House Wrens will often Take out the babies and drop them to the ground, and then either build their own nest or simply disappear. House Wrens however are a protected species and therefore they and their eggs/babies cannot legally be harmed.

Is a wren an small singing bird?

Yes they are. Wrens have a beautiful song that is welcomed by almost all birders!

What is the prey of a osprey?

Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles, and Goshawks.

What is a Darwin's rhea and whats its habitat and food?

Its a Rhea (large flightless bird like the ostrich or emu). Darwins Rhea is a smaller species of Rhea found in South America feeding on seeds, roots, and other plant matter.

What is a small bird you may see in a park?

Cardinal, chickadee, titmouse, various sparrows, finches, hummingbirds, wrens.