What the garibaldi's predators?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The garibaldi is a type of fish. They can grow to be fourteen inches in length and live for up to eighteen years. Their main predators are the California sea lion, some sharks, and the moray eel.

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Q: What the garibaldi's predators?
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Where do garibaldis live?

They live from the bay of Santa Catilina Island, CA to Baja California, Mexico.

What eats Black Sea nettles?

Garibaldis will happily eat black sea nettles, as do tuna, and possibly sea turtles.

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Is the Garibaldi Damselfish endangered or protected from overfishing?

It is protected in California waters from any commercial or recreational fishing. You may not take Garibaldis. However, it has not been classified as endangered.

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