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Take him/her to the Vets as soon as you can, for now bathe with cotton wool and warm water and give him soft wet food, make sure he drinks a lot and you keep an eye on the tooth, no dentastixs or chewy stuff which will hurt him further Hope Your dog gets better, Amy

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If your dog is a puppy the tooth may be sideways because the dog is getting ready to lose it to make room for the adult tooth. If this is found in an adult dog it is important to visit the vet to have the tooth condition corrected in a safe manner.

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Guinea pigs, like most rodents, have teeth that grow constantly. If one of their teeth has broken, make sure that it is not sharp. You can do this by filing their teeth with a metal file until the edges are flat. If you are not comfortable doing this on your own, you can bring your guinea pig to a vet and they can do this. If the tooth is broken near the gumline, it might require extraction. I would not recommend doing this at home. If this is the case, I would bring your pet to the vet for a proper extraction (otherwise you could risk an abcess forming).

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dogs fang broke close to gum line. No pain blood. eating normal. what to do?? dogs fang broke close to gum line. No pain blood. eating normal. what to do??

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Q: What to do if your dog breaks his tooth?
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