What two keys cannot open a door?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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donkey and monkey

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Q: What two keys cannot open a door?
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What two keys cannot open doors?

donkey and monkey

Which two keys cannot open any doors?

Monkeys and donkeys

What two keys do not open doors?

donkey and monkey

What are two keys that can't open doors?

A donKEY and a turKEY

Is the key that works the door locks the same key that will work the ignition switch?

AnswerYes, mine is. I have a 94 escort gt, and only have one type of key. -However, I have a 1990 Ford Bronco II Eddie Bauer, and I have two keys which will only open and lock the doors, and two keys that will only operate the ignition.

What are Gandhi's keys to a successful and independent India?

nonviolence and Patience are the two main keys Gandhi used to open the path of independence.

What are the trill keys on an oboe?

well, the trill key depends on what note you are trilling to. the keys labeled trill keys are the two small ones behind where you put your fingers on the left hand. they open the two small keys above where your left hand is placed.

How many keys are required to open a single nose safe deposit lock?


A sentence for the word open door policy?

Here's two: The Open Door Policy was proposed in 1899. The Open Door Policy stated that no single country should have a monopoly on trade with China. Hope I helped. :3

How do you open the final door in assassins creed revelations?

If you mean the Altair door then simply complete the story. If you mean the Desmond portal doors, the last two are inaccessible and the first five are all open after collecting 30 Animus fragments. :)

What two keys can't open any doors?

A donkey and a monkey.

How do you open the door in five island in fire red?

In order to open the warehouse door on Five Island, you will have to collect two passwords in order to open the door. The first one is obtainable from two rocket grunt on Mt. Ember (located near One Island), and a scientist at the bottom of dot hole (located on Six Island).