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An easter bunny!!

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Q: What type of animal brings chocolate presents at Easter time?
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What does chocolate have to do with Easter?

Because it brings out joy in everyone.

Someone who brings a basket of goodies and chocolate eggs?

That sounds a lot like the Easter Bunny.

What brings Easter to a end?


Who brings Easter eggs?

Your Parents!

Does Santa Claus brings kids presents in Spain on Christmas?

Of course he does because Santa brings presents to"all the children in the world "

Who brings the presents in Switzerland?

I think St.Nicks does

How many Easter surprises?

he brings lots of candy

Who brings Christmas presents to Mexican people?

This depends on where one lives in Mexico. In the north, the equivalent of Santa Clause ("Santa Clos") brings large presents, while the Three Wise Men bring small presents on Epiphany, December 6. In the south of Mexico, the Christ Child brings small presents at Christmas, but the large presents are delivered by the Three Wise Men.

Is it true santa is evil?

Not at all, he brings your presents. (:

Who brings the children presents in panama?

Papa Noel

Who brings Christmas presents in France?

Father christmas

Do hobos get presents from Santa?

Usually, hobos do not get presents from Santa. Santa brings presents to children and hobos are almost always adults.