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Q: What type of creatures preen themselves?
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What is preen?

Animals "preen" themselves - they clean/smooth their fur with their beak/bill/tongue.

How can I use preen in a sentence?

If we're very quiet, we can watch the birds preen themselves for little while longer.

What is a sentence using preening?

Owls preen themselves.

What do birds do to keep their feathers in good condition for flying?

They bathe a and preen themselves.

Which bird preen themselves than other bird?

Pretty much all birds, its a sign of affection.

What is in preen?

A vegetation killer is what Preen is.

Are kingfishers feathers water-proof?

Most birds' feathers are fairly waterprooof. They have to preen themselves to keep them waterproof.

What is the past tense of preen?

The past tense of preen is preened.

What is Church Preen's population?

The population of Church Preen is 73.

When was Alan Preen born?

Alan Preen was born in 1935.

How tall is Zacharias Preen?

Zacharias Preen is 170 cm.

Are bearded dragons prey or predator?

Both. They are predator to smaller creatures then themselves and yet prey to bigger creatures then themselves