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shark lion fish whales and dolphins and alot other kind

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Q: What type of larger fish eat clown fish?
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What type of food does a clown fish eat?

In the wild they eat the leftovers from their adopted anemone, in captivity they eat fish food.

Why do clown fish lay so many eggs?

clown fish lay so many eggs because the eat them

What food does the clown fish eat?

The orange-clown anemonefish are prey for a number of fish such as sharks, stingrays, and other larger bony fishes as well as moray eels. While the eggs are susceptible to predators as well. Humans also prove to be the biggest danger because they are captured and taken from the ocean to be sold or kept.

What do clown fish eats?

Clown fish are omnivorous fish; in the wild they eat shrimp, algae, marine worms, and basically anything that is non poisonous to them and can fit in their mouths. In captivity clown fish should be fed a varied diet, that should include a quality flake or pellet food, brine shrimp, and mysis shrimp. You could also feed them spirulina flakes and nori as a supplement to their vegetable needs. My suggestion is to get yourself some New Life Spectrum marine formula. You can buy this from any pet shop available near you.

Is a clown fish in the energy pyramid?

yes and no it all depends on one thing : what kind of energy pyramid it is. lets say if you have clown fish , a bass , and a shark then yes but if you have some sand, crab, shark, clown fish then no sorry but it wont change there has to be 1 producer and some consumers ex.: planton gets eaton by small fish then they get eatin by a bigger fish and the a shark will eat that. hope this helps

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What type of food does a clown fish eat?

In the wild they eat the leftovers from their adopted anemone, in captivity they eat fish food.

What species eat clown fish?

There are many species of larger fish that would eat Clown Fish if they could but the Clown fish lives its life in amongst the poisonous tentacles of a Sea anemone. This protects it from all predators.

How does clown fish protect themselves and from whom?

they protect themselves from larger carnivorous fish by hiding among the tentacles of Sea Anemones- which would sting and eat the larger fish... The Clown fish is immune to the Sea Anemone's stings.

Do clown fish eat crackers?

No, Clown fish do not eat crackers

What do Clown anemonefish eat?

The Clown Anemone fish is a type of fish who relies their safety to other creatures in the sea. Usually Clown Anemone fish eats plankton or algae.

Are clown fish carnivores?

Yes they are they can eat a baby clown fish

Do snowflake eels eat clown fish?

They will eat almost any kind of fish. They are a type of moray eel, who tend to be aggresive.

Is a clown fish a herbivore?

The clown fish is not a herbivore scientist researched about clown fish is a Omnivore and they eat little fishes too

What type of fish like to prey clown fish?

there are no kinds of fish clownfish eat it eats somthings from the rocks and corals and it looks for its food

Can a clown fish eat a baby clown fish?

Of course it can. It can eat anything small enough to fit into its mouth that it wants to.

Can A Clown Fish Eat A Butterfly?


What is it called when clown fish eat clown fish?

cannibalism (i think that's term your looking for)