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Different types of plants and animals live in torrid temperature zones compared to frigid zones. Tropical animals such as parrots and monkeys live in torrid temperatures zones. Plants like banana and coconut trees are in torrid zones. Animals like polar bears and arctic foxes live in frigid zones.

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There are so many different types of plants are found in the frigid zones. Some of the plants include algae, lichens, mosses, fungi and much more.

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Q: What types of plants are found in the frigid zones?
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What plants found in frigid zones?

dwarf tree

The frigid zones lie near what region?

The north and south frigid zones (also known as the Arctic and the Antarctic) lie near the poles.

What are the frigid zones of earth?

The arctic and antarctic.

What polar zones are also called?

Earth's polar zones are also called the Earth's Frigid Zones.

The frigid lies near?

The frigid zone lies near the temperate zones which consist of the tepid latitudes.

Where are more aquatic plants found?

More aquatic plants are found at marshy places of subtropical zones.

Where are the frigid zones located?

Frigid zone lies at the extreme Northen hemispheres (the Artic) and extreme Souther hemisphers (the Antarctic) of earth

What type of transportation will be used in frigid zones?

Trucks may be used as well as airplanes. It really depends on where exactly the frigid zone is.

Where is frigid zone located?

There are two frigid zones. They are located in the North Pole and The South pole. They are also known as Polar Regions.

Heat zones of the Earth?

there are three heat zones of the earth namely torrid zone , temperate zone and frigid zone

What is the 3 main zones?

Tropical Zone , Temperate Zone and Frigid Zone

What zone is the South Pole?

Both polar regions on Earth are frigid zones.