What was the second cloned animal?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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== == * Since the cloning of the sheep Dolly having acquired a break down of cells and had to be euthanize at age 6 when she should have lived to be 12 years or more there have been dogs, cats and and even a mule (used for racing) cloned, but the facts about cloning have been kept very low key and for good reason. There is more cloning going on then most of us know and there is good reason to believe that some cloned and butchered animals are in our pet's food, so how do we know we aren't getting some of this food. Cloning is not a perfected science and can cause disease or newer diseases. Pig's skin and even some organs have been used on humans for transplants. There is a hush about cloning because although cloning of a human organ would be a wonderful thing and more people would get organs instead of left on waiting lists there is a bad side to this as well .... the break down of cells and what other diseases this could cause in humans. One shouldn't play God with such things (or fool Mother Nature) but cloning is going on all over the world and it's bound to come and stay regardless of the dangers. * The answer is, after the first cloned animal in 1952, a tadpole, there has been a number of clones, so many were made in the same time so there really is no second animal cloned, there are hundreds. * While it is possible there were other cloned animals before 'Dolly' it would have been illegal at that given time and the scientific study of cloning is 'Dolly!'

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Q: What was the second cloned animal?
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What was the second animal after dolly the sheep to be cloned?

The second animal to be cloned after Dolly the sheep was a cow in Japan. In 1998 the twin calves were born cloned from a donor cow. The Japanese scientist were looking into cloning to improve their cattle stains.

How long did the first animal that was cloned live?

The sheep Dolly (the first cloned animal) has died at the age of 6.5 years.

First cloned animal?

a sheep

What is the genetic age of cloned animal?

the same as a normal animal

What was the world's first clone animal?

The oldest cloned animal is Megan and Morag the sheep. They were cloned in Edinburgh, Scotland at the Roslin Institute in 1995.

Successfully cloned animals?

animals have been succesfully cloned. if you watch animal planet alot you would know. NO OFFENSE animals have been succesfully cloned. if you watch animal planet alot you would know. NO OFFENSE

Who first cloned an animal?

The first person to clone an animal was Hans Dreisch.

True or false the first cloned animal was a cow named Dolly?

This is a false statement. Dolly was the name of the first animal cloned, however, she was a domestic sheep and not a cow. She was cloned on July 5 1996.

Can a cloned animal have babies?

Can identical twins have babies? Yes. A cloned animal, except for its age, is indistinguishable from an identical twin. Depending upon how it was cloned, the telomeres of its DNA may be shortened, but this would have little impact on its ability to breed. In short, yes, cloned animals may have babies, and live out their lives as naturally as uncloned organisms, and this has been demonstrated in numerous cloned species.

The name of the first animal ever cloned in the laboratory was?


Is the second cloned Mammal Monkey?

king kong

What was the first cloning?

Star Wars: Episode 2, Attack of the Clones.