Whats kind of vegetation do dears eat?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Whats kind of vegetation do dears eat?
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What do dears eat?

deers eat berries

Does deer eat leaves?

no dears do not

What kind of vegetation do pet turtles eat?


What eats dears?

deers eat berries

What kind of plants do catfish eat?

Assorted aquatic plants and vegetation.

What does dears eat?

plants (i.e. grass, leaves, wild berries.)

What vegetation do carnivores eat?

Carnivores do not eat vegetation; they eat meat.

Whats ants favorite kind of sugar or honey?

They will eat anything sweet.

What animals eat dears?

Bears, crocodiles/aligators and other meat eaters

What do wofls eat?

Meat (Rabbits, Chickens, Dears, Mice, Birds And Fishes)

What kind of food do herbivores eat in the desert?

Herbivores feed on grasses and other vegetation in the desert.

What kind of animal only eats grass and plants?

it is a herbivore that means it eat vegetation