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if your degus are like mine they will play for a bit then rest then play then rest

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โˆ™ 2009-08-03 06:07:43
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Q: When do degus wake up?
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Do degus hibernate?

No, degus do not hibernate. -Owner of twelve degus. Have had twenty-three.

Are Degus marsupials?

No. Degus are rodents, and rodent are not marsupials.

What are baby degus called?

baby degus are called pups

How do degus sleep?

In piles with other degus and in their FLAT topped houses.

Are degus allergic to cornflakes?

Generally, no they are not. But some degus may be allergic. They should only have them as a rare treat, though, since degus are severely prone to becoming diabetic. -Mommy of twelve degus. Have had twenty-three.

What eats degus?

cats eat degus just like they eat mice and rats

Can you keep degus in an indoor rabbit cage?

Degus can live indoors no problem (actually, they should live indoors), but the size of the cage is a concern. Degus should live in communities -- at least, there should be two of them, but ideally there should be more than two. (Although, they must be introduced carefully; don't just throw a bunch of degus together!) Many "rabbit cages" on the market are too small for degus (and too small for rabbits!). A good-sized rabbit cage, multi-levelled, is fine for a few degus. Degus need toys and accessories in their cage, too.One person wrote: Try not to they could chew it up... There teeth are very sharp like they can chew stuff like cloths and blankets...

How do you say wake up in amharic?

wake up

What happens if you wake up a sleepwalker?

they wake up

How do you wake up if you wont wake up?


What does killer Kane needs from Iggy from freak the mighty?

they are killer

How fast are degus?

Degus are believed to be the fourth fastest rodents on earth, with a flexible spine, abrupt paws, and light build degus can reach speeds of 26 mph. Sources: Rodent Velocity Expert

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