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A turtles shell is built into bone structure. Parts of the backbone and the ribs, among other bones, make up the inner structure of the shell. This means that it cannot get out of its shell, as the shell is not separate from the body.

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Q: When do turtles get out of their shells?
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Why turtles have no shells?

Turtles have shells. Look it up if you don't trust me.

Can turtles get out of their shells?


Do sea turtles or land turtles have sronger shells?

sea turtles

Do turtle change shells?

Turtles do not change shells

What do turtles do when they get to large for there shells?

turtles never get too large for a shell,the shells grows with them the shell is part if there skin

Does turtles lay eggs with shells?

It lay eggs with shells in the sands

What is the turtles defense?

Hide in There Shells

Where do turtles hide from preys?

in there shells?

How do turtles blend in?

Their shells look like their environment. They blend in by hiding in their shells.

What do turtles have that fish don't?

Shells, and some turtles have gills while others do not.

What do fish have that turtles do not?

fish have gils turtles have scales fish have fins turtles have shells well you'll get it

What do turtles do when they sleep?

they crawl into their shells and sleep