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By eight weeks of age. Some are very precocious and will breed by 3 months.

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Q: When do you seperte baby rabbits if you have a boy and a girl?
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Can rabbits interbreed?

Rabbits can interbreed you have to separate the boy and girl baby rabbits at 8 weeks to avoid this. Also they will start breeding as soon as she has the rabbits

Do boy and girl Rabbits look the same?

girl an boy rabbits do not look the same

Can a girl bunny have a baby with out a boy bunny?

No, you need two rabbits - a male and a female - for the female to get pregnant

Will her baby be a girl or a boy?

baby boy or girl

Is rabbit a boy or a girl?

There are both boy and girl rabbits.Male rabbits are called "bucks" female rabbits are called "does".It can be either.

Are girl rabbits smaller then boy rabbits?

girl rabbits as tiny as an thumb tack and boy rabbits are the size of my mom With most rabbit breeds, the bucks are a little smaller than the does.

Who makes the baby boy girl or boy?

Boy and girl but girl carry the baby and the gives the sperm

My rabbits fight all the time and they ust dont get along what should i do Cute N Cuddelly?

well are your rabbits both boy and boy or girl and girl becuz rabbits only get on if they are different ie: boy and girl :D that's why

What do you need to have a baby on meez?

go to the search bar at the right hand side of the screen and then put in baby girl, baby girl with boy, baby boy with girl, or baby boy

What is the best gender combination for a pair of rabbits?

Maybe Boy and Girl But if you don't want them to breed Boy and Boy or Girl and Girl

How can you tell te sex of baby rabbits?

well if you rub i belly and you feel round thing it is a girl if you don't than it is a boy

When Can You Find Out If Your Baby Is A Boy Or A Girl?

In about 12 weeks you find out if your baby is a boy or girl.

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