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When the ionic compound of potassium ions are dissolved in water the hydroxyl ions of water which are negatively charged, will attract the positive potassium ions.

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the attraction to the positive end of a water molecule

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Q: When the ionic compound KI is dissolved in water the you- ions are pulled into solution by the attraction between?
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What is the difference between solution and solutes?

A solution contains one or more solutes dissolved in a solvent.

What important chemical dissolves other chemicals into a solution?

A chemical which dissolves in water is typically polar or ionic in nature. This means that some atoms within the compound carry a charge. For an example, let us dissolve NaCl in water. NaCl as a compound is composed of two ions (Na+ and Cl-). Water is a polar molecule - meaning it carries a slight charge, allowing forms of attraction to form between the two ions in the compound. These forces (electrostatic attraction) result in the chemical being broken up into its ions and being surrounded by water molecules, in a hydration shell. At this point, the chemical has become solute, and is said to be in solution. (It has dissolved.)

When the ionic compound NaBr dissolves in water Br ions are pulled into solution by the attraction between what two particles?

They are pulled together by the Br ion and the positive end of a water molecule.

Difference between compound and a solution?

A compound is a single entity formed from molecules.A compound dissoved (now is a solute) in a solvent form a solution.

What is the difference between solution and concentrared solution?

A solution is a solute dissolved in a solvent. A concentrated solution is all the solute that be dissolved in a solvent at normal temperature. A super-concentrated solution is all the solute that can be dissolved in a solution after mixing in the solute during high temperature / pressure. The concentration after cooling to normal temperature / pressure is greater than a regular concentrated solution.

What is the attraction between hydrogen and oxygen atoms in a water compound called?

The attraction of hydrogen and oxygen atoms in a compound is referred to as a hydrogen bond. The bond between hydrogen and oxygen is what makes up water, also known as H2O.

What the different between a solute and a solution?

the difference between a solution and a non solution is that a solution is a substance in which all the particals in it have dissolved and mixed completely. a non solution is a substance that still has particals that have not been mixed completely.

What holds the ions in an ionic compound together?

the force of attraction the force of attraction

What is the ratio between the moles of dissolved substance and volume of solution in cubic decimeters?


What is the difference between solute solvent and solution?

When a solute is dissolved in a solvent, you'll get a solution. solute + solvent = solution Solvents, like water, dissolve other substances. Solutes are the substances being dissolved, like sugar. The solution is the final combination of both.

What is an electric attraction between positively and negatively charged ions in an ionic compound?

Ionic bond

What is an electrical attraction between positively and negatively charged ions in and ionic compound?

Ionic bond