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No, you have noticed their phenotype.

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Q: When you notice someones eye color have you noticed their genotype?
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When you notice that someone has unusally blue eyes you've noticed their what?

phenotype for eye color

If one parent has the genotype Cc for hair color and the other parent has the genotype cc what percentage of the offspring will have the recessive genotype for hair color?

25% of the offspring will have the recessive genotype for hair colour.

What is eye color an example of?


Is brown hair color a genotype?

No it's a phenotype because it says the physical characteristic if it was like Bb for example it would be the genotype. (I just made Bb up, that's not actually the genotype for brown hair color!)

What color is someones shirt?


Compare and contrast genotype and phenotype?

An organism's genotype is its genetic identity. The genotype is comprised of all the genetic material inherited from both parents. The genotype is what "tells" each individual cell how to function. The phenotype is the physical expression of an organism's genotype. For example, if a person's genotype for eye color is one dominant allele for brown and one recessive for blue, then the individual's phenotype would be their actual eye color which in this case would be brown.

Can an organism that is homozygous for flower color have genotype Qq?


Do you like blond haired girls?

Does it matter what someones hair color is? the main point is if someones hot

Is haircolor a phenotype?

Yes, and no. It's the expression of a genotype for hair color.

What decides what color eyes you have?

What decides your eye color is your genotype that you get from your parents. if you have blue eyes, you have to have two recessive traits. Yet, any other color has to have a dominant allele to create the color. But, scientists already can tell that if you have blue eyes, your genotype is, 'bb.' Or, two recessive alleles.

How do you use genotype in a sentence?

A genotype is a group of genes that influence a given trait, whereas a phenotype in this case would be that trait. An example of a sentence using the word "genotype" is "The different genes you inherit from your parents make up the genotype that determines your eye color. "

What is the difference between genotype and genotype?

Phenotype is the physical Characteristic that you can see. The genotype is the genetic information (the genes) that code for the proteins that cause the phenotype. Relatively simple examples include eye, skin and hair color.