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Eggs can generally withstand a reasonable temperature range when first laid as most birds do not begin to set (sit on the nest full time) until they have a number of eggs. Cockatiels generally lay four to seven eggs. While the ideal situation is to provide a nest before she produces eggs providing a nest and placing the egg in it will probably encourage her to lay any additional eggs in the nest. Finally, since there is no specific mention of whether she has a mate understand that she can produce unfertilized eggs. The Wikipedia site has several articles on Cockatiels.

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Q: When your cockatiel has already laid her egg and there is no nest in her cage?
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What if your cockatiel laid eggs on kichen floor One hatched today do you move them or leave them?

It is a myth that a baby bird touched by a human will be abandoned by its mother, put him in the cage or nest, handle them often so they will be used to people.

If you put small sticks in a cockatiel's cage will it make a nest?

it depends how old the bird is if the bird is young it probably won't know how to make a nest. if the bird is older it will probably make a nest.

Do Pearl Cockatiels live in nest?

A pearl cockatiel is simply a coloring, a mutation. So yes, it should live in a nest. :)

How do you get the horse out of the cage in poptropica?

A person can get the horse out of the cage on Poptropica by jumping on the eggs in the nest. The nest is located at the end of the rope.

Where are ostrich eggs laid?

in a nest

Will budgies nest when there is 5 in one cage?

It can get a little crazy with so many budgies in one cage, but if the budgies get along and dont fight it should be okay for them all to nest in one cage.

Is it normal for budgies and cockatiels to share the same nest box and be in there at the same time?

It is not a good idea. If you provide a larger nesting box for the cockatiel and a small one for the budgie, there should be no problem. If the budgie has already claimed the larger nesting box as her own, you will never train her to leave, and will need to buy another large box for the cockatiel.

What does a rooster sleep on?

He sleeps in a nest or a cage it depends on where you keep him.

What happens if a cockatiel has an egg without breeding?

Nothing. It will probably sit on it for a while if you leave it in the nest. After a while it should give up. It may keep laying eggs and have several in the nest.

What is the name of peacock house?

Nest - The peacock or peafowl are forest birds that nest on the ground.

Should i protect a birds nest outside our bedroom window from the rain and how?

No, you should leave the nest alone. Wild birds are very skittish around humans, treating humans as predators, and may abandon the nest if the scent of a human becomes too close. This would result in any eggs already laid in the nest also being abandoned and dying. The birds that built the nest either expect the nest to be protected from the rain or are adapted to sitting out the rain on the nest.

How long after an egg is laid can it sit in the nest?

it can sit on it about 20 days