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At you local farm and feed store - usually anywhere feed stocks and hay, straw, and grain are sold. A large bale of pine shavings is typically $9 to $10 in my area - WA state.

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Q: Where can you buy baled white wood shavings for horses?
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How much does wood shavings cost for a horse?

The cost of wood shavings will vary according to where you live, what brand you prefer, and how much you buy at one time. Only pine should be used for horse shavings, and these are typically the lowest in price. You can buy them by the 'bag' or 'bale' for anywhere from $2.00 (in bulk buy form) or up to $12.00 per bag/ bale at the feed store. You can buy them by the cubic yard from mills and this will likely be the most cost effective method, but you must have storage available to house the bulk shavings as they will not be bagged or baled up.

Are cherry wood shavings toxic to horses?

YES! I know a horse that actually died when someone accidentally put cherry shavings in its stall. Never use cherry shavings. It can cause laminitis, colic, death, and many other health issues.

What are wood chips?

chips/shavings/what-have-you...of WOOD(GASP!).

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Definitely not cedar wood shavings.

How many pounds are there in a ton of wood shavings?

2000 lbs of anything makes a ton (feathers, wood shavings, mud etc.)

What is pencil shavings?

Pencil Shavings... They are the little curly wood chips you get when you sharpen a pencil.

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No. What we use is shavings, because rabbits chew on wood anyway so you might as well give them wood shavings.

Why does a log of wood take longer time to start burning than wood shavings?

Smaller surface area, Wood shavings are generally drier than a log of wood, because of the general density of the wood itself. Wood shavings are in turn, easier to burn because of the small amount of moisture in them, therefore, they burn faster, and easier.

How mush do animal wood shavings cost?

The cost of shavings varies greatly depending on the type of wood, the size of the shavings, the brand, the size of the package, and the dealer who is selling them. You typically will not find shaving for under $4.00 a bag.

Is it bad to change a hamsters wood shavings?


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Wood shavings

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