Where is a place that birds live?

Updated: 8/11/2023
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They live in nests (that are built by them from different dry plants, pieces of wood, and other soft materials). They live in cages if they are kept as pets (and in zoos too). A zoo would keep birds in an aviary.

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Birds are located on all the continents and oceans of the world, including Antarctica. They may be found in the sky, on the land, and underwater.

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Birds mostly live in the rainforest.....I think

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Q: Where is a place that birds live?
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Does all birds stay at the same place?

no they do not all stay in the same place because some birds live in water

Why do birds live in a trees?

birds live in trees because its an ideal place to keep there young from pretitors. also they live in trees for shelter from the wilderness and the weather.

Where do the houbara live?

Houbara birds live in a hot place like desert.

Do blue birds live in New Jersey?

Blue birds do not live in new jersey but you may see one passing by. Most likely not because it is not a good place for them to live, or be at.

What are native birds?

Native birds are birds that live in a place habitually. For instance, the robin is a native bird in Britain, but recent reports of a dalmatian pelican were suspected to be of a bird which escaped from a collection, because they do not live here naturally.

what is a place where animals and birds live?

in nature where else

What do we call a place where birds are kept?

A bird can live in a bird box or a burrow underground.

What bird lives in a place that is very cold?

Penguins are birds that live in Antarctica, the coldest continent.

Why do birds fly south and some don't?

because some already live in a warm place

Where do a birds robin live?

where do robin birds live?

Where are the different places birds live?

Birds live anywhere in the world, even in Antarctica. They live in trees, on the ground, in forests, and in deserts. Birds can live anywhere and can even be kept as pets. Most birds migrate to warmer areas when the weather starts to get chilly. To answer your question short, birds can live anywhere.

Who all live with birds?

Me not know who live with all birds