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I got my two Russian Dwarfs, Peanut and Buttonwood at PetSmart, which were free (not including equipment and food and play things). They can also be free at a petting zoo, including food and bedding, chew sticks, treats, cages, etc....

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โˆ™ 2010-05-01 00:00:45
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Q: Where is the cheapest place to buy a dwarf Cambells Russian and a Russian hamster?
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What is Hamster in Russian?

Russian dwarf hamster

What type of hamsters are they?

look it up.these are the basic kinds:Syrian Hamster - Probably the most common type of hamster, this includes golden hamsters, fancy hamsters, standard hamsters, and teddybear hamsters.Russian Dwarf Hamster - These are divided into two types, the Dwarf Cambells Russian and the Siberian or Dwarf Winter White Russian Hamster.Chinese Hamster - Sometimes referred to as "rat-like" hamsters, this is one of the smallest breeds of hamster, and less common than the Russian Hamsters.Roborovski Hamster - This is the smallest type of hamster and also the least common.

Are Russian hamsters dwarfs?

Yes they are. They are called Russian Dwarf Hamsters, Campbell's Dwarf Hamster, and Campbell's Russian Dwarf Hamster.

Are all Russian Hamsters dwarf hamsters?

A hamster can be Russian and not a dwarf, for example the European Hamster can be found in Russia, but it is certainly not a dwarf species. However the 'Russian Dwarf' hamster is a specific species that is considered a dwarf variety.

What kind of dwarf hamster do you have?

i have a Russian dwarf hamster. he is over 3 years old

What hamster breads are there?

Golden Hamsters Chinese Hamster Roborovski Hamsters Dwarf Winter White Russian Hamsters The Dwarf Campbell's Russian Hamster

What type of dwarf hamster is the best to hold and play with?

I think a Campbell's Russian Dwarf hamster

What are the species of hamsters?

There is lots like, Syrian, Chinese dwarf hamster, Campbells dwarf hamster, Robo dwarf hamster, Russian hamster. My favorite, is the blueberry campbells dwarf hamster and the Syrian hamster. They are the sweetest and easy to hold. NOT THE ROBO"S!!!

How many different kinds of hamsters are there?

there is -Chinese dwarf -Russian dwarf -syrian hamsters - whinter dwarf - robo dwarf - golden hamster - Russian Campbell dwarf djungarin hamster, and many more!

How long do girl hamster live for?

Well Boy hamsters live longer than girls.But i could say how long all hamsters live for.. Syrian Hamster:2-3 years Dwarf Cambells Russian Hamster: 1.5 - 2 years Dwarf Winter White Russian Hamster:1.5- 2 years Roborovski Hamster: 3- 3.5 years Chinese Hamster:2.5 - 3 years I you have any questions about hamster please check out-

What do you name a Russian dwarf hamster?


How many types of hamsters in the world are there?

There are nineteen types of hamsters in the world: The Mongolian Hamster Eversmann's Hamster Gansu Hamster Tibetan Dwarf Hamster Chinese Striped Hamster Chinese Hamster Kam Dwarf Hamster Long-tailed Dwarf Hamster Gray Dwarf Hamster Sokolov's Dwarf Hamster European Hamster Golden or Syrian hamster Turkish Hamster Romanian Hamster Ciscaucasian Hamster Campbell's Russian dwarf hamster Desert hamster Winter White Russian hamsters Greater Long-tailed Hamster

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