Which animal has only one foot?

Updated: 8/11/2023
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Q: Which animal has only one foot?
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What animal footprint has two ovals in the front of the foot and one big oval in the back?

none only the folk tale monster big foot is told to have it

Do mollusk has a foot?

yes just one; every animal has a foot...

What animal walks around on one foot?

A piegon and flamingo! There is your Answer

Can you get foot fungus in only one foot?


What is alive and has only one foot?

Mollusks are alive and have one foot.

3 letter word for animal foot?

One option is paw.

Has bigfoot been sighted with another animal by its side?

No. No one has seen big foot with another animal besides the one its "eating"

What is the biggest animal on foot?

The biggest animal on foot is probably an elephant.

what animal is on the seal of the president of US?

The animal is an eagle, holding arrows in one foot and an olive branch in the other.

What is alive has only one foot?

A man missing a foot A Clam!

Numbers only What has for legs and one FOOT?

A bed - it has one foot (the foot of the bed) and four legs (which make it stand as a bed)

Why do you only use one foot to drive?

It allows you to have the option of using the other one when you break your foot. :)