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The pink bird is the newest bird in angry birds.

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Q: Which bird is the newest in Angry Birds?
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What is the newest version of Angry Birds?

The newest version is "Angry Birds in Space".

What does the purple bird do on Angry Birds but not on Angry Birds space?

in angry birds the purple bird do that does not do on angry birds space by right clicking and it will go faster !

What is the pink bird's name in Angry Birds?

The pink bird's name in Angry Birds is "Stella".

How many people have played Angry Birds?

there are 12 angry birds in all. regelar red bird blue bird yellow bird black bird white bird green bird big red bird orange bird lazer space bird ice bird mighty eagle mighty space eagle mighty dragon but only in the angry birds seasons year of the dragon the pigs in angry birds there are only 5 kinds of pigs baby pig brother pig helmut pig mushtache pig king pig

What is the name of the cardinals bird in Angry Birds?

the original angry bird

Is the boomerang bird in Angry Birds a parrot?

no the boomerang bird is a toucan.In angry birds rio there is a parrot bird good or evil.

Who is the square angry bird?

It's the ice bird in angry birds space

What is after angry bird space?

Angry birds underwater

What is the green bird's name from Angry Birds?

There are actually three blue birds in the original Angry Birds as well as in Angry Birds Space. They are simply referred to as Blue Birds. Alias' for these birds include The Blues, Glassjaw Birds and Cluster Birds. In Angry Birds Rio, Blu and Jewel are both blue in coloration although they are Blue Macaws.

What is the special abilities of the red bird in angry bird?

In angry birds the red bird has no special abilites

Is there a parachute bird in Angry Birds?


Is the blue angry bird made of ice?

if its the one that goes to 3 birds no just the new bird from angry birds space